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Notice from Administration of Children Services (ACS)

This notice is to inform you of the proposed settlement in a class action lawsuit called, Elisa W. v. The City of New York, Case No. 15-cv-5273 (LTS) (HBP). The settlement is between the plaintiffs, all children who are now or will be in foster care in New York City, and the Public Advocate for the City of New York, Letitia James, and the defendants, the State of New York, OCFS and the Commissioner of OCFS. A federal court in New York City is now considering approving the settlement and has approved this notice.

This notice describes the case and what the Commissioner of OCFS has agreed to do to improve the foster care system of New York City. Please read the detailed notice for more information.


Notice of Settlement of Class Action Lawsuit- Click the link to read Notice of Settlement in English PDF
Notificacion De Acuerdo De Una Demanda Colectiva- Click the link to read Notificación de acuerdo en Español PDF


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