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Executive Search & Recruitment (Phase II)

Chief Executive Officer

Seamen’s Society for Children and Families (SSCF) has a rich history, which began in 1846 when the waterfronts of New York and Staten Island were the booming trade ports for America’s East Coast. As the sailors moved from port to port, wherever their clipper ships took them, many children and families were left behind, destitute and in need of care. Since their humble beginnings over one hundred and seventy years ago, the organization has served many generations and has undergone numerous changes and enhancements. Today SSCF is a full-service child welfare agency that serves over 1,083 children and families throughout New York City. SSCF provides programs that help children, while also providing assistance to families to overcome alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence and other destructive issues.

Overview of the position:
After the departure of the Executive Director in November 2016, SSCF hired an Interim Executive Director to allow time to assess the strategic direction of the organization and thoughtfully undergo the search for permanent leadership. SSCF is committed to retaining a resourceful leader who will successfully drive strategy set by the board to transform how the agency fulfills its mission. Working closely with the board, the CEO’s focus will be to build and develop a dynamic senior management team, create a data-driven infrastructure, unite the Staten Island and Brooklyn sites so the staff function as one team, and effectively manage resources using best practices. The CEO will need an entrepreneurial approach to identify strategic growth opportunities and secure the necessary unrestricted resources to achieve that growth. S/he will be a successful fundraiser and skilled spokesperson, set a clear vision, and be a team player who imparts a sense of accountability throughout the agency. It is imperative that the CEO operates with tangible objectives and prioritizes his/her responsibilities. The ideal leader will be familiar with the communities SSCF serves, should have a clear understanding of the social sensitivities associated with foster care, must be responsive to the needs of the community and lead an exploratory process to identify any unmet needs of the constituents served.


Implement the senior management team restructuring, in conjunction with the board
Create and maintain an organizational structure and culture for optimal employee and client experience
Unify the organization across all entities and establish a high-performance infrastructure
Assess, attain and implement the technology to achieve the best data-driven infrastructure possible
Establish and maintain applicable resource management processes using best practice protocols

Strategic Vision:
In partnership with the Board of Trustees, create a strategic plan to set the future direction for SSCF
Ensure that the vision for the organization is clear and that all stakeholders are aware of and responsible for executing that vision
Stay abreast of internal and external trends and issues that may impact the future direction of the agency, and ensure that the Board is updated regularly
Support board member development and recruitment strategies

Growth and Sustainability:
Serve as the face of and key spokesperson for SSCF to all external stakeholders: city funding agencies, individual donors, foundations, government entities and local/state policymakers
Assess opportunities for organizational growth based upon data and research
Develop a fundraising strategy in conjunction with the Fundraising Committee to ensure new and diverse funding streams are identified as well as new and unrestricted resources are secured
Identify and implement outcome measurement tools to determine programmatic improvement and growth
Assess the programs and needs of the community to identify program improvement and expansion opportunities

SSCF is seeking a visionary CEO who is a politically-savvy people person that understands the complexities of working with families in need.

Skills and Attributes:

Exemplary board relationship development and management expertise
Demonstrated history of executing vision and strategic priorities
Recognized organizational development and restructuring capacities
Strong leadership, team building, and supervision skills
Strategic thinker, especially in planning and building of collaborative relationships
Proven track record in securing unrestricted funds and developing diversified funding streams
Essential data driven and analytical proficiency
Dynamic networker with excellent communication skills
Financial acumen and budget management experience


A Master Degree in human services or related field and ten years of management experience.
Compensation: Commensurate with experience and highly competitive.
How to Apply: SSCF is an equal opportunity employer and interested candidates should email their resume, cover letter and salary requirements to: SSCF Search Committee at sscfceo@supportcenteronline.org. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, so interested applicants are encouraged to apply early. Applications without cover letters will not be considered.

Visit SSCF’s website at http://seamenssociety.org/

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