Safe Passage is a non-residential domestic violence intervention program on Staten Island. Services include crisis intervention, counseling, advocacy, legal services and parent/child support groups. We work closely with survivors to increase their independence from the batterer, as well as to empower them to make healthier choices for their future.

Safe Passage services are provided in a safe environment where survivors can address issues associated with their victimization without fear for their safety. Services are provided on a voluntary basis. Our goal is to provide solution focused counseling to assist the survivor in formulating a safety plan.

Safe Passage works with all survivors of domestic violence on Staten Island. The program provided assistant to over 1000 individuals last year.

Safe Passage can provide the help that you and your family need:

Individual Counseling is available. Our counseling services help clients to understand domestic violence dynamics through education, exploration and providing options. Individual counseling is available for Spanish speaking clients as well.

Support Groups offer help in coping with the daily stress of your situation. The group’s focus is on empowering you and supporting decisions you make through both professional guidance by staff and peer support. We also offer a support group for our Spanish speaking clients. These support groups are open to participation from anyone in the community who feels that this support would be helpful or informative.

Advocacy and Referral Assistance are provided to ensure that you receive other services you may need from the City or agencies in the community. If needed, staff are available to go with you to appointments and provide the support and guidance you may need. Such assistance might include obtaining day care services, medical care, help with alcohol or substance abuse problem, assistance with securing housing, food stamps, job training or public assistance.

Legal Advocacy is available to assist you with any related involvement you have with court and especially with Family Court – i.e. applying for Order of Protection. Assistance is also available for Criminal Court and Housing Court. Legal assistance is made possible through Sanctuary for Families, a legal advocacy group that works with victims of domestic violence.

Education and Outreach is provided to community groups to inform others about domestic violence issues and its effect on individuals, children, families and the community.

All services are free and confidential. To make a referral or receive more information call: 718-447-7740 or email us at


Child Witnesses to Domestic Violence is a new program created to help child witnesses of domestic violence. Supported with a grant from the Richmond County Savings Foundation, Verizon Foundation and funding fromCouncilwoman Debi Rose and Councilman James Oddo, Seamen’s Society is the only Staten Island based organization offering psychological counseling to these children. For more information please call 718-447-7740 or email us at